Monday, May 12, 2014

Welcome to Act Small, Think Big!

There's an unsettling queasiness stirring in my gut.  It's been there for some time, although I've ignored it for most of that span -- maybe for almost twenty years, when I was researching fossil fuels for a middle school science presentation.  And I learned that things didn't look good, environmentally.

I showed my parents, my teacher.  They said that maybe things would get bad, but it wouldn't be for ages and ages.  They didn't seem worried, so I shoved my own concern aside, ignoring its swirling.

But that gnawing feeling in my belly refuses to be ignored any longer.  Because that time when things will "get bad" as a result of our impact on the environment?  I -- and a lot of other smarter and more science-y folks -- think that those times are nearly upon us.  That we have remaining only a very narrow window of opportunity to heal our wounding of the earth.

Okay, fine, we're not in a good way.  But now what?

If you're anything like me, the prospect of "saving the planet" is, um, a little daunting.  Especially when you consider that, although we in the western world have the majority of the ability to make a difference, our lawmakers and leaders seem bent on ignoring the copious warning signs -- and we have been left with little recourse or response, other than how we spend our money.

What's a lone westerner to do?

Obviously, one person is not going to be able to make a lot of difference, no matter how hard he or she works.  But what if a bunch of us, a big bunch of us, made small, sustainable, and collectively impactful choices? 

It's my belief that, in this way, we really might be able to (gulp) "save the planet."

That is what Act Small, Think Big is all about -- providing bite-sized tips to help you make changes that will not only make a positive, healing impact on the world, but also often save you some money or improve your health to boot.  How's that for a win win?

Also -- please note that these tips are not intended to provoke undue guilt or perfectionism or anything of the sort.  It's about doing our best to make a positive difference for ourselves, our children, and generations to come.  Progress, not perfection, okay?

Watch this space for new ideas.  And if you'd like share your own tip for Act Small, Think Big, I'd love to hear from you!  Send me an email with your idea here, with "Act Small, Think Big guest post" as the subject line.


Bianca Broos said...

I really appreciate your approach. Guilt free with a wonderful prospect of making a difference in small ways. Celebrating you.

Beth Morey said...

Thank you, Bianca!!

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